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Forum: PCMCIA Installation and Configuration Issues
Re: Question d-link dfe-660tx cardbus: eth0: Tx hung, 9 vs. 0. ?????? (Jochen Kirsch)
Re: Sad 25-Apr-00 beta results (Jochen Kirsch)
Date: 2000, Apr 26
From: David Hinds <>

To boot, at the lilo prompt, say something like "linux single" to boot
to single user mode.  Then you can disable PCMCIA and then boot
normally.  Saying "linux PCMCIA=no" may also work.

I don't understand the unresolved symbol issues.  Based on the list of
modules, it sounds like the PCMCIA configure script thought you had
SCSI support in your kernel, but it isn't actually present.  I'm not
sure how that sort of goof-up could happen.  You could re-do "make
config" for the PCMCIA stuff and check the output carefully.

As for why the kernel trap, I'm not sure.  I'll take a closer look at
the changes I made for this beta.

-- Dave

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