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None PCI interrupt routing issues 

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Re: Question PCI-PCMCIA can't get Interrupts (Wavelan's adapter) (Timothy Hamlin)
Date: 2000, Apr 25
From: David Hinds <>

The problem isn't with your PCI chipset; it is with your old BIOS.  It
is not providing a PCI interrupt routing table, so the PCMCIA drivers
can't figure out what irq to use for the CardBus bridge.

There are two missing pieces of information: the drivers need to know
how the PCI INT* lines for the CardBus bridge are connected to your
host bridge's PIRQ inputs, and then which CPU irq's are generated for
each PIRQ.  The interrupt routing table might say "for device X, PCI
INTA is connected to PIRQY", and then we can check the PCI bridge to
determine that PIRQY connects to irq Z.  The X->Y mapping is fixed by
how your boards are wired; the Y->Z mapping is programmable.

Try getting the 24-Apr-00 beta from in /pcmcia/NEW and
run the 'dump_pirq' program in the debug-tools directory.  This will
dump your host bridge's routing information (the Y->Z mapping).  The
X->Y mapping can't be figured out by software.

-- Dave

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