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Re: Question Infinite interrupt loop with DataChute (i82365) (Matthew Kerr)
Date: 2000, May 25
From: Matthew Kerr MattK

We've purchased just about every desktop PCMCIA dock available and are currently testing the different models to see which ones work and which ones don't. Here's some preliminary information:

-The LinkSys ProConnect (model "PCMRDWR") is the exact same unit as the Antec DataChute, down to the PCB traces and packaging.

-The SCM "SBP-D2P PCI" (TI PCI1221) generates all kinds of lost interrupts and does not work on our hardware.

-The SCM "SBI-D2P" (ISA) appears to work perfectly and is being burned in. (Vadem VG-469)

To make sure this isn't taken out of context, we appear to have some flaky AST hardware, and have had unusual difficulties with every PCMCIA reader we've used. On a unit with a bug-free interrupt controller, I'm sure these readers would work fine.

We are still waiting for final results, and some of our readers haven't arrived yet to be tested. I'll post my final results here.

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