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Date: 1999, Dec 14
From: Bruce Forsberg <>

You were right. Sorry for the misinformation. I changed too
many things at once. It turns out that when I build the 
pcmcia sotware with PnP BIOS resource checking to yes then
eveything works. If it is set to no then it does not work.
With it set to no then I need to set the following:



exclude port 0x230-0x23f

With these selected it uses 0xa30. This is what it picks with
PnP BIOS set to yes as well.

Using these makes the following work:

Sony VAIO 505TR laptop. 

You can add these to the PCMCIA_HOW_TO if you like.

I am still trying to get it to install with it though. You
told me how to set irq_list. How do I exclude a port range
during the install?

Bruce Forsberg

BTW, if you work for VALINUX congrats on the IPO.

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