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Question Bridging support and PCMCIA 

Forum: Installing Linux using or onto a PCMCIA device
Date: 2000, Jan 16
From: Jeremy Cook jeremyc


I was wondering if there was any reason why bridging should not work with PCMCIA cards. I am using my old laptop as a home server and need it to do bridging (between wireless and fixed networks). I followed the bridging howto and everything seems to "almost work" without actually bridging between my 2 PC-card ethernet interfaces. The bridging howto said something about telling the kernel that I have more than one ethernet interface for it to discover during boot, which I did do, but since I dont fully understand what I am doing here it is unclear to me whether this would help with PC-card ethernet interfaces since they would not be available until quite late in the boot process.

Does anyone have bridging working with PC-card ethernet? If so, is there any big secret?

I have kernel 2.2.14 and pcmcia v 3.1.8

Best regards,

Jeremy Cook

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1. None It should work by David Hinds, 2000, Jan 18
(_ Note I'll try harder... by Jeremy Cook, 2000, Jan 18

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