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Forum: Installing Linux using or onto a PCMCIA device
Re: Question problem to boot from PCMCIA scsi disk (Marcel van Heemst)
Re: None See 'man pcinitrd' and the PCMCIA-HOWTO (David Hinds)
Re: Note I have found a note! (Marcel van Heemst)
Re: Question More questions about this topics (Leonardo Presciuttini)
Date: 2000, Mar 20
From: David Hinds <>

The instructions in the HOWTO were meant to be as step-by-step as I
could manage.  However, this is clearly described as an advanced
procedure.  You cannot do it unless you have access to another linux
system that you can use to create the initrd boot image.  And you
should not try to do it if you are new to linux.

So... the short answer would be "sorry, you just can't do this".

-- Dave

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1. Idea I appreciate it is hard for a neophite, but..... by Leonardo Presciuttini, 2000, Mar 21

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