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Idea I appreciate it is hard for a neophite, but..... 

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Date: 2000, Mar 21
From: Leonardo Presciuttini leoprex

Effectively I am completely new of Linux. But I have also a hard head. So I have tried the following:

1) I have downloaded the muLinux project from . As you may know better than me, this is an operating system which can be completely loaded in the RAM.

2) The idea is to mount the PCMCIA support with muLinux and then switch to the big Linux that I have already installed on the external drive. The programmer of muLinux has even added the instructions for such an operation.

3) All goes well with the launch of muLinux. Nevertheless I have some problems in mounting the floppy disk (with fs ext2, created with a big Linux installation CD) containing pcmcia.img. In effect I got a message thet the fs is not checked and that it is recomended to run ex2fsck (which I did not find). Moreover (somewhat randomly), sometimes I can get access to the disk, reading the names of the files contained in it, and somtimes no. With DOS disks I have no problems.

4) The programmer of muLinux has foreseen to ask to the user during boot if he wants to use some of a lot of devices/functionalities. But unfotunately he did not include PCMCIA in this.

5) So I must load the PCMCIA functionality manually, but I do not know which is the right way (perhaps 'setup -m pcmcia.img' ?). In any case I should solve before the problem nb.3

This is the actual state of my efforts.

Do you think that some hints to allow me to continue my adventure in Linux can be done?

Thank you


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