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Angry Can't use TI1225 PCI (Lucent) PCi-to-PCMCIA adapter 

Forum: Installing Linux using or onto a PCMCIA device
Date: 2000, Mar 11
From: Tommy Svensson tommy23


I am trying to setup a Linux box with some PCMCIA adapters (Wavelan).

I have setup a couple of box like those with Wavelan PCMCIA adapters and even diffrent PCMCIA network card. Always working just fine.

Before I always use ISA PCMCIA adapters, often Cirus or VIA chips based.

This week I got some PCI-to-PCMCIA adapter from lucent which is based on the TI1225 card. I think the Lucent PCI-to-PCMCIA bridge is OEm version of SCM Microsytems GMBH (This name is printed on the card).

But I can't get it to work. I have tested it in arround 10 diffrent system. And I always get two kind of error.

1) Even the BIOS can't find the PCI card 2) Bios, Linux find two PCI card on the sam PCI bus.

In case 1) pcmcia fail complete then you run /etc/init.d/pcmcia

In case 2) The pcmcia core system and i82536 drivers load, and it finds two WaveLAN cards or two 3com networks card even if I only put in one... And it is a on chips cards.

I think perhaps the cards i crashed and I should for a replace ment card.

Some who know more about this?

I think of test with at diffrent PCI-to-PCMCIA bridge like one based on the VIa or Cirus chips which always have work fine with me before at least at ISA based.

Or do I need to do something diffrent because I use a PCI bridge instand of a ISA bridge? But I don't think so, i have never had so much trouble with a PCI card before. And I also think it is very strange you on diffrent computer the computer bios/linux either can't detect the PCI card or they detect two/double PCI card?

Please help me!

Kind regards!


Please email me to

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