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None Those cards are not supported 

Forum: Installing Linux using or onto a PCMCIA device
Re: None RedHat 6.1 Install using PC Card - arg! (Lionel B. Dyck)
Date: 2000, Mar 20
From: David Hinds <>

These two cards (Cadmus Micro 10/100 ethernet, IBM 4x CDROM) are
not on the supported cards list.  You're going to have a very
difficult time trying to modify the Red Hat installation disks to
support them.  There's no easy way to do it.

I'm not sure what the specific problem is with the CDROM card.  Part
of the problem with PCMCIA installations is that there is no space on
the install disks to put things to help diagnose problems.  And
without more information, it isn't possible to tell exactly what is
wrong, or to fix anything.

Your best bet is to buy or borrow a card that Red Hat says is actually
supposed to work with RH6.0.  Even still, PCMCIA installation is often
problematic, which is why Red Hat will tell you they don't officially
support it at all.

-- Dave

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