Use this page to discuss issues with simple memory cards, such as SRAM or Intel linear flash. Before posting, be sure you've checked any relevant sections of the PCMCIA-HOWTO, such as: Particularly useful bits of information to post include your laptop's make and model; the type(s) of card(s) you are using; and, of course, any relevant system log messages.

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1. Question SmartMedia flash memory as ide device? by Richard K. Belew, 1999, Nov 04
... 1 Message(s)
2. Question Memory Suggestions ? by Tobias Zügel, 2000, Feb 15
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3. Sad sram is only set up correctly when inserted after network by Lorenz Hahn, 2000, Mar 03
... 2 Message(s)
4. Question Raw-Writing to linear Flash cards does not work at all by Johannes Reisinger, 2000, Apr 19
... 1 Message(s)
5. Sad Cisco intel series 2+ card not recognized by Dennis Gerasimov, 2000, May 05
6. Question Howto mount a simple memory card ( NOT flash ) by Francisco Escarpa, 2000, Jun 12
... 2 Message(s)

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