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Question Raw-Writing to linear Flash cards does not work at all 

Forum: PCMCIA Memory Device Issues
Date: 2000, Apr 19
From: Johannes Reisinger jreising

I tried to write to linear FLASH cards by simply doing
'cat somefile >/dev/mem0c0c' resp. 
'cat somefile >/dev/mem0c0b'. This does not work at all
for several types of flash-cards I tested.

Technical data:
Debian 2.1 on Toshiba Libretto 100
Kernel 2.2.13
PCMCIA modules 3.1.13 (also tested with 3.1.2)
Flash cards: e.g. KingMax 4MB (PPS-004MSR) with Iflash2+
Sorry, no logging output. It failes silently.

Can anyone tell me whether I do something substantially
wrong or is this a driver bug?

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