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None There does seem to be a problem with iflash2+_mtd

Re: Question Raw-Writing to linear Flash cards does not work at all (Johannes Reisinger)
Date: 2000, Apr 19
From: David Hinds <>

I think there is a problem in the iflash2+_mtd driver that only shows
up when doing direct writes (i.e., not FTL stuff).  I'll see if I can
track it down, but in the meantime, try using the iflash2_mtd driver
instead (edit /etc/pcmcia/config for this).

However... you say it fails silently?  When I have a problem, I get an
"Input/Output error", and numerous system log messages.  You should be
using /dev/mem0c0c, and I'd recommend using "dd", not "cat".  The
block size is also important.  If you write a multiple of the erase
block size (128K), then the driver will automatically erase before
writing.  Otherwise, it writes without erasing first, which may be
unlikely to work, depending on what you're doing.

-- Dave

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