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None Re: Maybe this isn't a DOS filesystem?? 

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Re: Question Howto mount a simple memory card ( NOT flash ) (Francisco Escarpa)
Re: None Maybe this isn't a DOS filesystem?? (David Hinds)
Date: 2000, Jun 13
From: Francisco Escarpa PacoEscarpa

On Mon, 12 Jun 2000, David Hinds wrote:

> Your mount command looks ok to me.
> You're just taking it on faith that the card has an MSDOS filesystem?
> -- Dave

Thank you for the answer.

Maybe; the information is stored in files in DOS style; in Leica's
application, the card appears as a new system drive. Nobody in
Leica knows what a "filesystem" is :-(. They said that "you can read
it in Windows". ( Of course, They think that "advanced programming"=20
and "Visual Basic" are sinonimous :-).

Thank you again, and best,


Francisco Jos=E9 Escarpa S=E1nchez-Garnica
 C/ Andr=E9s Mellado, 17 : 28015 MADRID
     Tel.: 915439648 / 616424289

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