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Forum: PCMCIA Multifunction Card Issues
Re: None HELP - Hayes Accura pcmcia card not recognized - need driver (pradeep varma)
Date: 1999, Nov 18
From: David Hinds <>

You are welcome to experiment with existing drivers; use the output of
"cardctl ident" to make an entry for your card for /etc/pcmcia/config,
using the other multifunction card entries as examples.

You'll want to try things like:

  card "Hayes Accura"
    manfid 0x01da, 0x0023
    bind "xxx_cs", "serial_cs"

where "xxx_cs" is probably either "pcnet_cs" or "smc91c92_cs".  You
can also try the form:

  bind "xxx_cs" to 0, "serial_cs" to 1

(there are two varieties of multifunction cards, which differ in how
the functions are organized)

-- Dave

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