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Re: Question Difficulty with 3COM 3CXEM556BC Megahertz modem (Alexander Russell)
Re: None Re: Question: Difficulty with 3COM 3CXEM556BC Megahertz modem (David Hinds)
Date: 2000, Apr 14
From: Alexander Russell Alex_Russell


	Wow-thanks for your fast response!

	I forgot to say a couple of things in my last message:

	1. The hardware works fine under Win98, so I believe 
	that the modem functions and that the phone line is

	2. The LAN behavior of the card is just dandy. I can
	pull about 820k/sec on my local ethernet, which is
	roughly competitive with the other machines around

	3. I am using a PPP connection. Here is the behavior I observe:
	I log on. All is well. Under light load it performs as
	I would expect. As soon as I do something which
	saturates the channel (i.e., download a large file),
	after receipt of about 60-100k the download quits. If
	I watch the pretty graphs that is made by RedHat's usernet
	window, I can see the load climb up to full
	throughput (about 3k/sec) and then suddently drop off.
	This is followed by some pings at regular intervals.
	If I cancel the download (but remain connected) and
	begin again, I observe the same behavior.

	I will experiment with the interrupts as you suggest.

	Thanks very much for your help,

	Incidentally, I'd like to purchase a Cardbus 100bT
	network card. Which seems is the most favourable for
	the pcmcia package these days?

Thanks again,

Alex Russell

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