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None General info on CardBus vs 16-bit interfaces 

Forum: PCMCIA Multifunction Card Issues
Re: Question 3Com 3CCFEM556B vs Psion Gold Card Netglobal 56K+10/100Mb CardBus (Berkan Eskikaya)
Date: 2000, May 01
From: David Hinds <>

I've used the 3CCFEM556B and both functions work simultaneously.  I
haven't tested the Psion card.

The CardBus interface is much higher performance than the original
16-bit PCMCIA interface.  The max performance of the 16-bit bus is
about 2 MB/sec.  The max for CardBus is PCI bus speed, 133 MB/sec.
For network cards, I see ~1.5 MB/sec with the 3CCFEM556B, which is not
too hot for 100baseT.  Something like the 3CCFE575BT will give close
to 10 MB/sec.  It depends on how much performance you need; for a lot
of people, a cheap 100baseT card with tolerable performance is a good
deal.  And there are a lot more options for 16-bit 100baseT/modem
cards that work with linux, than for CardBus 100baseT/modem cards.

-- Dave

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