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None Re: Psion Gold card n/w works ok 

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Re: Question 3Com 3CCFEM556B vs Psion Gold Card Netglobal 56K+10/100Mb CardBus (Berkan Eskikaya)
Re: None Psion Gold card n/w works ok (Christopher Snow)
Date: 2000, May 30
From: Berkan Eskikaya berkan

I ended up buying the card (Psion Gold Card Netglobal 56K+10/100Mb CardBus),
and both ethernet & modem work perfectly. Here are the details:

Machine: HP Omnibook XE2
Distribution: Debian 2.1/2.2 hybrid
Kernel: 2.2.14
pcmcia-cs: 3.1.14-1

Please note however that I've also downloaded and compiled epic100.c v1.07h 
from manually.
Some of the other versions I tried (don't remember which) would cause
modem hangups when the ethernet was in use. No problems whatsoever with this
one though.


On Mon, May 29, 2000 at 11:17, Christopher Snow wrote:
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> I am using the Psion Gold Card Netglobal 56K+10/100Mb CardBus, and I
> have got the networking function working okay. Unfortunately, I still
> haven't figured out how to get the modem function working yet, so I
> don't know if they will work together.
> Hope this helps, Chris
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