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None xircom rem10 working but init slow 

Forum: PCMCIA Multifunction Card Issues
Date: 2000, Jun 18
From: Sylvia sylvia

hi there,

i am running a compag armada laptop with a mandrake 7.02 and a xircom rem56G-10BT ethernet-modem card.

everything sems to be working ok, i am writing here using the modem side and the lan side is connected to my lan.

But at startup, the initialisation process is quite slow. I get the two beeps, but the second one (serial part) only arrive nearly when the login prompt appear !

I can't see any error message in the message log, but a message appearing twice before serial is started. sorry, i don't have it any more so i tell you what i remember :

autonegociation failed ; using 10 mbps

can any one tell me how to prevent that behaviour ?



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1. More sorry, here are the logs by Sylvia, 2000, Jun 18

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