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Question Portable Addons Net Mobile Ethernet/33.6 Modem aka Olicom Gocard 2232 

Forum: PCMCIA Multifunction Card Issues
Date: 2000, Jul 24
From: Michael Nicholls phreakster

I recently purchased a combi card for my laptop. I wanted to try and get it working in Linux. Being compleately new to PCMCIA o have spent the last few days familiarsing myself with it.

The card i got was a Portable Addons Net Mobile Ethernet/Modem. Seeing there was no support i tryed a few drivers with no luck. I then hex edited the dos and windows drivers to find mentions of Olicom in there. After searching the net i identified that this card was probabily the olicom 2232 (later i found OC-2232 on the actual card).

I also saw there was no support for this card either, but after searching the net several Changes files were found for pcmcia-cs-3.0.9 that had a bug fix for this card. It was also listed in the SUPPORTED.CARDS for this version, but current versions have the code removed and nothing in the chages file about this card. The only thing i could find was some defines in the ciscode.h that must have been left. I saw in the 3.0.9 config file that the olicom card used the pcnet_cs driver. This driver wouldn't work without modification.

I tryed adding the code from 3.0.9 back in and adding a hw_info line (which i had to edit, so maybe the card isn't an exact copy of the Olicom card). After compiling and using this i managed to get it to work, but upon configuring the eth0 interface the screen was flooded with eth0: unexpected TX-done interrupt, lasttx=0.

I have been able to use serial_cs to get the modem working and even though i haven't acutally tryed dialing out yet i managed to get it to respond to several commands in minicom so that was good enough for me.

I have yet to see if there is an IRQ conflict, but i would first like to ask some questions.

Was the olicom gocard ever supported?

If so why did it vanish from existance?

Did it use pcnet_cs and was it therefore NE2000 compatible?

As far as it goes concerning an Olicom card, will i be able to get it working?

Sorry its a long post, just looking for some history and info on the Olicom card.



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