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Question Linksys Etherfast 56k+LAN: long pings after suspend 

Forum: PCMCIA Multifunction Card Issues
Date: 1999, Dec 13
From: Alan Shutko AlanShutko

I just got a Linksys Etherfast 56k LANmodem to get away from the evil dongle problem. Installed without a hitch... I removed the 3com card, plugged in the Linksys, and ran. Very cool.

However, after I suspend, I find I oscillate between normal ping times and ping times almost = 1s. This on a local net where normal ping time is about 1ms. If I remove the card and reinsert it, all is well again.

Any ideas? Toshiba 315CDS in Cardbus mode, 16-bit card, Linux 2.2.13, PCMCIA-CS 3.1.4.

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