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Sad Strange 10/100 card Allied Telesyn 2800TX 

Forum: PCMCIA Network Adapter Issues
Date: 2000, Jul 21
From: Mircea Ciocan cmircea

	Please help with this card. Is an Allied Telesyn 
AT-2800TX V2 or at leastthat is what the label and windoze reports it.
	But when used with the latest pcmcia code .18, is not recognized and and in syslog there is a record that say:
"Unsuported adapter:
Allied Telesin K. K. CentreCom LA-100-CardBus-T V.2
manfid: 0xc00f, 0x0000 function: 6 (network)"
	And that's it, no intitialization whatsoever, no i/o, irq or memory range, nothing, the dumping tools say, so I can't use tulip-diag program of Donald Becker to see if is tulip compatible card (AT2800 is listed  as supported via tulip_cs driver).
	Now the Telesyn/Telesis K.K. sound dubious to me, maybe is a clone, even was bought from an authorised distributor of AT :( but anyhow, for what is worth, that is the values that windoze allocates for it:

	Is some way of force init the card to try some tulip tests on it or I just bought myself a piece of windoze shit ( misleaded by the fact that is mentioned in compat. list)
	I mention that in the same notebook a 3Com modem 56K works great ( acttualy I was afraid that the modem will be incompatible :)

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1. None Just edit /etc/pcmcia/config by David Hinds, 2000, Jul 21

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