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Angry pcnet_cs, card works. SLOW! 

Forum: PCMCIA Network Adapter Issues
Date: 2000, Aug 04
From: <>

I managed to get my Hawking 10/100 'Fast' ethernet card to work today. The only problem is it's FAR from being fast. Transfer rates on a local LAN usually go about 20-30K/s. SLOW! I saw some people had the same problem before and there was some ugly Windows kludge to get it to work. Unfortunately, I don't have Windows so that's going to be a little harder to fix. I'm hoping maybe somewhere there's a variable or option I can set to fix this problem (sync v. async?). Does anyone know of any such thing? I think I'm using the pcnet_cs module. Everything is stock out of the 3.1.19 (or was it 18) PCMCIA source. HELP please ^_^ muchas gracias. I'd prefer email CCs too, if possible.


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