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None 3COM 3CXFE575BT sending with no flow control? 

Forum: PCMCIA Network Adapter Issues
Date: 2000, Aug 07
From: Roberto Jung Drebes <>

Hi there,

My 3CXFE575BT is still crazy when it has to send data in a burst, giving me the "Tx Ring full, refusing to send buffer" error. It works ok when I'm receiving HTTP, FTP traffic, and it's even ok when I'm sending or receiving ssh traffic, but I just need to start a bursty data transfer leaving the machine to get the error. I'm now using pcmcia-cs-3.1.19, kernel 2.2.16, have tried using all combinations of pci_int and pci_csc in PCIC_OPTs, with no success. The brige is: 00:11.0 CardBus bridge: Texas Instruments PCI1220 (rev 02)

Well, first, is there any information I can get from the error message? Like, why the buffer is getting full? I know nothing about TCP, but why isn't the flow control working (I belive there is something like a sliding window in TCP)? Or a debug mode (The i82365 man page says something of pc_debug parameter, but only when the module is compiled with debug info, how do I do it?)

<update>I tried increasing the size of the Tx ring to 32, and the problem still exists, only it takes more time to print the message. I believe that perhaps the card is not receiving some packets, which would contain the acks, and so it cannot advance the ring and queue them again. I will test if I can see all the incoming packets with tcpdump, but it seems difficult. I'm also using debug level 7 now.</update>

If there is no easy fix, and I think it really doesn't have since I'm having this problem for a long time, I would like to have some information on using PCMCIA with 2.3/4 kernels. I remember seeing that some PCMCIA support was included in the kernel in such versions, so does this make the pcmcia-cs useless? Or do they work together? If so, should I do the same, ie, unpack it, ./Configure && make all?

Thanks in advance,

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