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Question intel pro 10/100/56k combo card 

Forum: PCMCIA Network Adapter Issues
Date: 2000, Aug 22
From: Tim Newsham <>


   I got a laptop recently with an intel pro 10/100 ethernet
plus 56k modem combo card in it.  This card was not detected
when I installed the redhat-6.2 distribution.  After 
installation I checked and got the following information
about the card:

    product info: "INTEL(R)", "PRO/100 LAN+MODEM56 CARDBUS
                   II", "MBLA3356", "1.00"
    manfid: 0x0089, 0x1103
    function: 6 (network)

This card was not listed in /etc/pcmcia/config, so I added
an entry mimicking the entry for the other manfid for
intel pro/100 lan + modem card.  It tried to load the
xirc* driver, which reported that my card was "an old CE"
card.  I don't know what the old CE card was, or what kind
of driver it woudl take, so I stopped there.

Can anyone suggest something to try at this point?  Is there
a driver that will work with this card?  If so, what kind
of entry do I want to add to the config file?  Has this
already been done in the distribution?  If not, how do I
submit a change once this is working?

Thanks in advance.

                                         Tim N.

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