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Forum: PCMCIA Network Adapter Issues
Re: Question Misidentifying 'D-Link DFE-650' as 'KTI Ether-C16' (William Crandall)
Date: 2000, Aug 22
From: David Hinds <>

You can ignore the "KTI" thing: there are several cards with the same
manufacturer ID's, and someone submitted the KTI name first, so that
is what is in /etc/pcmcia/config.  It is the same card with a
different sticker on top.  The DFE-650 cards do work with this driver

Your messages all look good to me.  When you try to use the network,
what happens, exactly?  Do you get any additional system log messages?

> But no access to the network (ping <server>).

What does that mean, exactly?  Can you run the "test_network" script
in the debug-tools subdirectory of the PCMCIA source package?

-- Dave

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