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Question dynalink lc10 network can't initialise 

Forum: PCMCIA Network Adapter Issues
Date: 1999, Nov 29
From: digit


My dynalink LC10 pcmcia card works with windows. If checked the irq's and memory vallues and copied these ranges to linux


messages say everything works modules, irq mem but ./network start eth0 failes because eth0 doesn't exist.

I allso get twe high low beep on boot and after insert.

Using redhat 6.1 the card is in the supported database and is recognised as NE2000 compatible (messages sya this)

Is this card indeed supported? The irq 3 is really free in my case and the mem seems right to. When remomving the high memory range from config.options I get the right beeps but the card is then a mem0 device and nothing eth0 like.

Thsi is ll I know is there someone thaT KNOWS WHAT TO DO OR IS THIS CARD SIMPLY NOT SUPPORTED?

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