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Question LinkSys 10baseT "Network Everywhere" NP10T? 

Forum: PCMCIA Network Adapter Issues
Date: 1999, Dec 01
From: John Tunison jtunison


I was wondering if anybody's been able to get the LinkSys 10baseT "Network Everywhere" card to work. I know it's not on the supported cards list, but it said on the box "NE2000 compatible" and it only cost $35 at CompUSA, so I thought I'd try it. (Also, I knew that LinkSys had a Linux driver page on their website. Unfortunately, it has no mention fo the Network Everywhere PC card.)

Everything appears to load correctly, but the card won't actually work. I'm _pretty_ sure I've got my ethernet settings confingured correctly.

The card seems to be detected properly:

localhost kernel: eth0: NE2000 Compatible: port 0x300, irq 5, hw_addr 00:E0:98:70:4C:8C

Any suggestions?

Thanks, -John

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