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Re: Question LinkSys 10baseT "Network Everywhere" NP10T? (John Tunison)
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Re: None There isn't much you can do to fix install problems (David Hinds)
Date: 1999, Dec 14
From: John Tunison jtunison

Thanks Dave, for your response.

You're right; I had no luck at all getting the card to work during the install.

Just in case there are other frustrated Vaio PCG-N505 owners out there, it seems that mysteriously, the ethernet card won't work under Linux under IRQ 5. (Strangely, it shows up under Windows98 as using IRQ 5 and appears to work just fine.)

At any rate, if you can install via some other method, then add "exclude irq 5" to the config file and everything is happy.

A networked Vaio owner, -John

PS. I initially discovered this from which by the way is a very useful page. It appears that it's not just my $35 10baseT pcmcia card--ethernet cards, IRQ 5, and Vaio N505s don't seem to mix well.

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