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None quite wasn't a PCMCIA issue, but a DHCP issue 

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Re: Question DHCP with PCMCIA (Christopher Keller)
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Re: None Hate to say it, but even Red Hat is having trouble with DHCP and PCMCIA (Nathan Hartwell)
Re: None Don't be so sure! (David Hinds)
Date: 2000, Jan 19
From: Nathan Hartwell MageX

as it turns out, the DHCP server within the Netgear RT328 does not respond properly for dhcpcd or pump to latch on to the offer, yet Win9x will. however, I run dhcpd on my home Linux server and pump grabs the ip info just fine (though I am manually running it with this setup, defined for work and manually run pump after logging in at home)

I plan to configure the Linux server at work (as I'm the primary admin anyway) to run dhcpd. I hope to have a worry free setup after that's done.

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