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News first LNA-100B success 

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Re: Question Billionton LNA-100B (Markus Troebensberger)
Re: Question It nearly works (Markus Troebensberger)
Date: 2000, Jun 30
From: Miroslaw Kwasniak mirek

I read about AX88190 problems on many places. I have two different cards, one is Billionton LNA-100B and other Acorp (noname (???) with Zonet MAC address). Acorp still isn't working :(

I'v got working LNA-100B. Currently it has ping time 2/3/10 ms and transfer speed about 500KB/s @ 10tx and 600KB/s @ 100tx/fullduplex on my old laptop 486/66 without RAM cache :( (other end is P200 with tulip based KNE100TX). It works in autonegotiation mode. I'd hot changed standard cable connected to 10tx hub with direct cross cable to other end and mode was switched on the fly from 10tx/HDX to 100tx/FDX without trouble.

Current configuration:

- kernel 2.2.17pre9

- pcmcia-cs 3.3.16

- Billionton src from Linux/RedHat_6.0/LNA100SR.TGZ (tgz size:92828 date:16 maj 14:16). After untaring it move all files from lna100src directory to pcmcia-cs-3.1.16/clients. Run Configure and make all :)

Use config.lna100b from Rename it to lna100b.conf. Edit it and change a line from:

  class "network" module "lnax100"  


  class "network" module "lna100"  

and enjoy it :)

I'v crashed my system hot ejecting card :(

Because linux on laptop is only testing instalation (looplinux on FAT partition) speed test were made on ftp protocol with simply tools:

- server: wu_ftpd with 50MB file (full cached in RAM)

- laptop: mc (ftp-filesystem) transfering to /dev/null


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