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Warning genius MF3000 different versions? 

Forum: PCMCIA Network Adapter Issues
Date: 1999, Dec 29
From: J. Schmid jds

There is an entry in the supported cards : "Genius MF3000" (fast ethernet) and a coresponding entry in pcmcia/config:

card "Genius MF3000 Fast Ethernet"
  version "CardBus", "10/100Mbps LanCard"
  bind "tulip_cb" 

I have a card labelled "Genius MF3000" which identifies itself as:

"CardBus", "10/100Mbps LANCard" ("LAN" is all capital now!!!)

And does not work properly after changing /pcmcia/config so that tulip_cb is loaded.

I can ping another machine but long packages are lossy and I don't get ftp through the line.

System: sony vaio737 kernel: 2.2.12 pcmcia: 3.1.8

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1. More kludge for partial functionality of genius MF3000 by J. Schmid, 2000, Jan 02

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