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More kludge for partial functionality of genius MF3000 

Forum: PCMCIA Network Adapter Issues
Re: Warning genius MF3000 different versions? (J. Schmid)
Date: 2000, Jan 02
From: J. Schmid jds

The failure of the "other" "genius MF3000" FastEthernet PCMCIA card seems to be due to problems with the tulip-driver distributed with pcmcia-cs-3.1.8 (it doesn't detect the tulip-chip and MAC-address correctly on this card).

With the following setup I get partial functionality:

 Laptop sony vaio737
 Kernel 2.2.12 (+ patch-irda3) 


add entry to /etc/pcmcia/config:

card "Genius MF3000 Fast Ethernet"
   version "CardBus", "10/100Mbps LANCard"
   bind "tulip_cb" 

replace /lib/modules/2.2.12/pcmcia/tulip_cb.o with the one compiled from tulip.c found in kernel 2.2.14pre17

Limitations of this setup:
- the tulip_cb driver seems to negotiate 100baseTx-FD without 
  setting the chip up for full duplex (-> only ~300kbyte/s 
  ftp-throughput,collisions). Forcing the tulip_cb driver to 
  100baseTx I get up to 7Mbyte/s ftp-throughput.
- suspend-resume works, eject-insert works, but 
  insert-suspend-eject-resume leads to a negative
  "use count" for tulip_cb such that the modules can't be 
  unloaded. Inserting the card, the network works fine 
  in spite of the wrong "use count".

P.S. I tried tulip.c:v0.91u 10/15/99 which didn't detect the chip right.

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