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None might be tulip problem? 

Forum: PCMCIA Network Adapter Issues
Re: Question Problems with Accton EN2220 (Volker Wendt)
Date: 2000, Jan 11
From: J. Schmid jds

This line doesn't look like the tulip driver got a good address (FC:00:FC:00:00:00 seems to have too many 0s):

 Jan  9 15:06:27 jc kernel: eth0: Digital DS21143 Tulip rev 65 at 0x400, FC:00:FC:00:00:00, IRQ 10.

I had a similar problem with a genius MF3000. My card is usable with a newer tulip driver (but not the newest :-() as posted under "kludge for partial functionality of genius MF3000".

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