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Question Kingmax? PCMCIA 10/100 adapter 

Forum: PCMCIA Network Adapter Issues
Date: 1999, Nov 06
From: Nathan Hartwell MageX

I just got a laptop. With this laptop, I ordered a 10/100 card. It's a generic card, but from the checking I've done, it seems to be a Kingmax Technologies product. Anyway, it's based on the ASIX AX88190 chip (I think). This assumption is based on information that was in a Linux driver archive that shipped with the card. Unfortunately, this driver was written for older versions of pcmcia-cs (3.0.x it seems) and Linux kernel (2.0.x). According to documention from ASIX, the AX88190 is register compatible with the 8390. Ok, so I managed to get the system to see the card, and actually work with it. However, I get tons of kernel msgs regarding interrupt routine reentrance. Since these msgs don't just go to /var/log/messages, but also get dumped on the console, I find the messages more than annoying. Anyone capable of helping here?

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