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Question I get "Network Unreachable" trying to ping others... 

Forum: PCMCIA Network Adapter Issues
Date: 2000, Feb 17
From: Captain Panic panic

I read the PCMCIA-howto and it mentions that if you get a "Network Unreachable" trying to ping others on the LAN it means something with your routing. But I can't figure out what's wrong. Also I can ping myself fine. I have my self as ip set through linuxconf . I am running RH 6.1 on a compaq computer with a 10baseT pcmcia ethernet card (8390.o). Can't seem to figure it out. Below is a copy of route. And ifconfig looks good with itherface eth0 and lo.

Dest Gateway Genmask Flags Iface * UH eth0 * U eth0 * U lo

Thanks in advance. Bri

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