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Question card works fine, but 'tcpdump' cant see any of the traffic 

Forum: PCMCIA Network Adapter Issues
Date: 2000, Feb 17
From: Ron Flory <>


 I've been using Dave's pcmcia stuff for a while now, (thanks Dave!).

 I have a PII RedHat 6.1 based laptop with a 10/100 network adapater that works just fine, however I'm a developer working with networks and I'd like to use the system for network sniffing.  For some reason, tcpdump is not able to see any of the traffic on eth0, even traffic from this machine.

 tcpdump seems to work file on all my other machines (7-8 of various types), but for some reason its deaf on this one.

 Any hints?  (something in /proc perhaps ?).

 I actually use ethereal as my packet sniffer, however since tcpdump is used by ethereal, and most everybody already has tcpdump, I'll reduce the problem to a single user program.



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