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Forum: PCMCIA Network Adapter Issues
Re: Note Problem with ADDTRON Fast Ethernet card (Andreas-Johann Ulvestad)
Re: None It isn't an Intel network device (David Hinds)
Date: 2000, Feb 17
From: Andreas-Johann Ulvestad aj

I've done as said, and now get the following:

cardmgr: socket 0: Addtron Fast Ethernet
cardmgr: executing: 'insmod /lib/modules/2.2.15-2.5.0/net/8390.o'
cardmgr: executing: 'insmod /lib/modules/2.2.15-2.5.0/pcmcia/pcnet_cs.o'
kernel: pcnet_cs: unable to read hardware net address
cardmgr: get dev info on socket 0 failed: no such device

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