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Forum: PCMCIA Network Adapter Issues
Re: Question DFE-650 not always Linux-compatible? (Anthony Jameson)
Re: Idea Try This (Jochen Friedrich)
Date: 2000, Feb 26
From: Anthony Jameson AJameson

Hi Jochen,

Thanks for the tip, which looks promising.

I'm no longer in a position to try it out, since I
had to exchange my D-Link DFE-650TX for a working
card (incidentally, an AnyCom ECO Ethernet 10/100,
which worked right out of the box).

But the idea should be useful for anyone who is
struggling with one of the newer DFE-650TX
cards. In particular, it suggests that these newer
D-Link cards are not identical to the older
ones. (One of our older ones had a hw_addr of
00:80:C8:42:95:E9; the addresses of your FA410TXC
card and my newer DFE-650TX both start with

In addition to the hardware addresses, your error
messages certainly look similar to mine.

            Anthony Jameson

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