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None Performance should be equally bad under Windows 

Forum: PCMCIA Network Adapter Issues
Re: Question DFE-650 not always Linux-compatible? (Anthony Jameson)
Re: Idea Try This (Jochen Friedrich)
Re: Question bad performance with Jochen's patch and DFE-650 (Ingo Ciechowski)
Date: 2000, Feb 27
From: David Hinds <>

Recheck your Windows performance.  It is impossible to get anything
approaching 100Mbit throughput from this card: it is a 16-bit card,
and the 16-bit PCMCIA bus has a maximum throughput of 1.5-2 MB/sec.

So unless D-Link has found a way to push 100Mbits of data through a
15Mbit pipe, I think your Windows performance numbers were incorrect?

-- Dave

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