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None Re: Angry: HELP! *Still* can't get D-Link DFE-650TX going! (Day 5) 

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Re: Question DFE-650 not always Linux-compatible? (Anthony Jameson)
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Re: Angry HELP! *Still* can't get D-Link DFE-650TX going! (Day 5) (Harold Boyer)
Date: 2000, Aug 21
From: David Hinds <>

> Funny thing is, it's not just the D-link, it happened with a 3com 656
> modem+adapter card too. Same exact thing.

I don't get this.  The driver for that card doesn't generate any sort
of link beat messages, ever, so how can it be the exact same thing?

> I downloaded a binary for fa_select, but it doesn't run

Binaries are not distribution specific.  Does it give you a specific
error message?

> I downloaded the source for Jochen Friedrich's fix, but I
> don't know C, and can't get it to compile.

gcc -O -o faselect faselect.c

-- Dave

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