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Forum: PCMCIA Network Adapter Issues
Re: Question D-Link DE-650 PCMCIA ethernet card (Phil Brooke)
Re: None Maybe a bad card?? (David Hinds)
Date: 2000, Feb 27
From: Phil Brooke pjbrooke

> The errors at eject time are par for the course.  They aren't related
>  to your problem.


>  (1) when you do try to transmit, do you get any additional kernel
>      error messages?  Anything about tx timeouts?

Nothing else at all.

> (2) Are you sure irq 3 is free?

I am, now. The IR interface which was allegedly on that IRQ is disabled. It has the same behaviour on every other IRQ that I think is free.

> Does /proc/interrupts show activity
>      when you try to send packets through the interface?

After insertion of the card, /proc/interrupts shows
 3:          2   pcnet_cs
(I've snipped the other lines).
After an attempt to ping another machine, (16 packets transmitted, 0
packets received), /proc/interrupts shows
 3:          6   pcnet_cs
Further attempts to ping another machine sometimes increase this
count; sometimes they don't.

>  (3) You say "the card and tail were reported as working".  Hmmm.  What
>      does that mean?  You bought the card used?  


> Red flag?

I'm becoming very suspicious, sadly.

>  I'm not familiar with the dongle on the DE-650.  Can you tell if the
>  LED(s) are supposed to indicate traffic, or just a valid link?  Many
>  dongles have a link light; that should be lit whether the driver works
>  or not, as long as power is supplied to the card and the cable is ok,
>  unless the card is bad.

I think it's traffic only -- but I'm not convinced.

Can anyone tell me if the media couplers interchangable? (I.e. the 15-pin flat connector <-> RJ-45 connector.) If they are, it would mean that I can beg/borrow another one to try and exclude a fault with that component.

In case it's any further help:

  $ /sbin/cardctl info 0
    5V 16-bit PC Card
    function 0: [ready]
  $ /sbin/cardctl status 0
    Vcc 5.0V  Vpp1 0.0V  Vpp2 0.0V
    interface type is "memory and I/O"
    irq 3 [exclusive] [level]
    function 0:
      config base 0x0400
        option 0x60 status 0x00 copy 0x00
      io 0x0300-0x031f [auto]
  $ /sbin/cardctl config 0
    product info: "D-Link", "DE-650", "Ver 01.00"
    manfid: 0x0149, 0x0265
    function: 6 (network)


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