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News D-Link DFE-650 problem solved - FE2000 still not working 

Forum: PCMCIA Network Adapter Issues
Re: Sad eth0: Tx hung, 11 vs. 0. error with Abocom FE2000 and similar with D-Link DFE-650 cards (Ingo Ciechowski)
Date: 2000, Feb 26
From: Ingo Ciechowski inki

I've just found Anthony Jamesons recommendation and his great little tool as postes under #46. in this group.

Since I found that I ran into the same problem as Phil Brooke with this card I gave it a try and found that Anthony's enabling code works pretty well for the newer DFE-650 cards.

Thanks a lot for this input - and I hope it will make it's way into one of the new versions of the pcmcia sources.

However, this does not solve my initial problem with the FE2000 card. Since that one is a real 32bit cardbus card which makes use of the 100BaseT speed, I'd still love to find a way to get it going...

Hope someone get's an idea ;-)


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