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Forum: PCMCIA Network Adapter Issues
Re: Question No success with either 10/100 Etherjet nor 3Com cards on Thinkpad (lyle borg-graham)
Re: None This is a configuration error (David Hinds)
Date: 2000, Mar 01
From: lyle borg-graham lyle

> "Network is unreachable" indicates a network configuration error.

> These settings are inconsistent.  Assuming your NETWORK and NETMASK
> are correct, you should have BROADCAST=

> Your network.opts file is odd. You should either specify all your network settings in network.opts (as above), or replace the entire file with just the code from the

> PCMCIA-HOWTO to use ifup/ifdown to configure the network.

Ok, followed these suggestions, and now no "Network unreachable" message. Thanks!

However, I still can't seem to access the network.

>> Now, with the cable *unplugged* ( is another machine):
>>    [ root@cognilap ~]# ping
>>    PING ( from : 56(84)
>> bytes of data.

> may belong to another machine, but you have also
> configured this machine to have the same IP address.  It isn't the IP
> address you gave in network.opts, but I'll bet it is the address that
> shows up if you run "netconf".  You are pinging yourself; the kernel
> knows that the packets don't have to go over the wire, so it works
> even when the cable is unplugged.

Well, the only place that shows up is in /etc/hosts. The above behaviour still occurs with another IP that is *not* in /etc/hosts, in fact as long as the IP has 128.122.*.*. And, if I use a hostname, I get:

 [ root@cognilap ~]# ping
 ping: unknown host


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