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Question Best PC Card Ethernet Interface for 10/100, DHCP under RH6.1 

Forum: PCMCIA Network Adapter Issues
Date: 2000, Mar 07
From: Dave Aiello dave_aiello

I am new to Linux, although I am an experienced Solaris end user. I bought a RedHat 6.1 certified laptop from Dell the other day, with the idea of totally immersing myself in Linux. I do not want to spend the time fooling with hardware configurations unless I have to.

My configuration is a Dell Inspiron 7500 with a 3com 3CCFE575 running on the RH 6.1 installation provided by Dell with minimal configuration edits.

I want a 10/100 Ethernet PC Card that is capable of running DHCP without any hiccups. I am willing to go out and buy the most trouble free PC Card of this nature (and abandon the 3CCFE575 if necessary).

The problem I am having is that I cannot determine from reading these message forums if any PC Card NICs can live up to my wishlist. Are there any obvious choices that would satisfy me?


Dave Aiello

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