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Question trouble with netgear FA410TXC 

Forum: PCMCIA Network Adapter Issues
Date: 2000, Mar 23
From: Matthew Austin yogi

I am running redhat 6.1 distro on a sony vaio picturebook (PCG-C1XS) and I cannot seem to get connectivity to my network.

I have assigned myself a fixed IP address to isolate the issue (was unable to get a DHCP address anyway ;-))

The adapter comes up and is recognized but no connectivity. I can ping the machine at the ip address I have assigned it but nothing on my network, including machines on the same subnet. The dongle lights just flash on and off simultaneous about every second.

I downloaded and compiled the pcmcia-3.1.14 package in the hopes that perhaps there was some issue with the redhat package. I added the recommended changes to network.opts to allow me to continue to use linuxconf.

I have forced a change in io port and IRQ to see if that was an issue as recommended by changing config.opts . . . no change.

Since compiling the new package I have been getting 2 new messages.


eth0: found link beat
eth0: lost link beat

Any thoughts?

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