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Question Problem with IBM token ring driver and 3c389 

Forum: PCMCIA Network Adapter Issues
Date: 2000, Apr 18
From: Rogan Dawes rdawes


I am trying to get a 3Com 3c389 Tokenlink Velocity Card working with Linux 2.2.14. I have downloaded the 3.1.8 PCMCIA software, but have detected a problem:

My NT installation detects memory used at 0xd4000 and 0xd0000, and shows this as allocated to the token ring driver, but Linux seems to be trying to use other fairly arbitrary addresses (e.g. 0xc....)

I tried hard coding the memory ranges into the driver, to verify where the problem was, and the driver installed and worked like a champ.

I also tried passing the parameters to the module using /etc/modules.conf, but this did not seem to get the values into the driver ( perhaps the cardmgr was passing its own parameters?)

The laptop is a Dell Latitude CPiA300.

What follows is an abridged NT diags dump, as well as the dump_cis output.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

Drivers Report
IBM Token Ring Adapter (ISA/PCMCIA) Driver (NDIS) Running   (Automatic)
   Error Severity: Normal
   Service Flags: Kernel Driver, Shared Process
IRQ and Port Report
Devices                       Vector Level  Affinity
IbmTok                            10    10 0x00000000
Devices                       Physical Address  Length
IbmTok                          0x00000a20  0x0000000004

DMA and Memory Report Devices Physical Address Length ---------------------------------------------------------------------- IbmTok 0x000d4000 0x00002000 IbmTok 0x000d0000 0x00004000 Pcmcia 0x08000000 0x00002000

Here is the dump_cis:
Socket 0:
  no CIS present

Socket 1:
    ROM 250ns, 8kb
    fn_specific 250ns, 64kb
  vers_1 4.1, "3Com", "TokenLink Velocity PC Card", "85H3636",
  config base 0x0800 mask 0x000b last_index 0x23
  cftable_entry 0x20 [default]
    Vcc Vnom 5V Iavg 300mA
    timing wait 1us
    io 0x0000-0x0003 [lines=2] [8bit]
    irq mask 0xffff [level]
    memory 0x0000-0x1fff @ 0x0000
  cftable_entry 0x21
    memory 0x400000-0x6010ff @ 0x0000
  cftable_entry 0x22
    memory 0x800000-0xa010ff @ 0x0000
  cftable_entry 0x23
    memory 0x0000-0x2010ff @ 0x0000
  manfid 0x00a4, 0x001e
  funcid network_adapter [post] [rom]
  lan_technology token_ring
  lan_speed 16 mb/sec
  lan_speed 4 mb/sec
  lan_media unshielded_twisted_pair
  lan_media shielded_twisted_pair
  lan_node_id 95 67 fb 24 a0 00
  checksum 0x0000-0x00af = 0x75

Another thing that I find funny, is that I cannot get useful information out of tcpdump. I have got a version of tcpdump 3.3 modified to support Token Ring, but all it ever shows me is broadcast traffic. It never even shows me my own traffic! Weird! Suggestions?

Thanks a lot!


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1. None See /etc/pcmcia/config.opts by David Hinds, 2000, Apr 18

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