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Note Possible interrupt conflict? 

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Re: Sad Bizarre Linksys NP100 problem (Larry Carter)
Re: Idea Look at #46 and #47 (Jochen Friedrich)
Re: Sad Didn't seem to help. (Larry Carter)
Date: 2000, Apr 23
From: Jochen Friedrich jochen1

Hi Larry,

this might indicate some interrupt conflict. Please try to exclude interrupt 3 in your config.opts and check if this improves anything.

-- jochen

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Feedback IRQ change didn't help

Re: Note Possible interrupt conflict? (Jochen Friedrich)
Date: 2000, Apr 23
From: Larry Carter lcarter

I excluded 3 and the card went to 9.

3 is normally used by my IrDA but I disabled it in BIOS. However, it was a good thing to try excluding it. However, IRQ 9 (where the card went) didn't help. I know that 9 is free on this machine but I did get the trigger_send() error again.

I am thinking one of two things is the issue. Either my i82365 is wierd (has anyone ever heard of Omega Micro before?) and is causing the problem or the NP100 has some sort of low-power or sleep state that it throwing into and Linux can't get it out of.

Could there possibly be a kernel configuration option that I have set (or not set) that could contribute to this problem?

What about some of the other PCMCIA chipset options? I have tried wakeup=1 which doesn't seem to help at all, but I would be happy to try others if anyone thinks it might help.

I feel really bad about having to ask for so much help and I certainly don't want to be wasting bandwidth. I have done everything I could possibly think of to solve this on my own. I spent about three days of constantly trying, searching the net etc. before I posted here. You guys are WAY more knowledgable about this stuff than me and I feel like I am missing something simply because I don't know enough about net hardware (although I have certainly learned a lot in the past few days :-).

Possible interrupt conflict?

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