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Question DFE660tx-problems with non-auto-negotiation 

Forum: PCMCIA Network Adapter Issues
Date: 2000, Apr 28
From: Christian Froemmel ckf

I have the following problem with the D-Link DFE-660TX-Card: When I use the auto-negotiation of this card, the link is established, the half/full-duplex-led is in the beginning off, just when I transfer data the led starts to pulse. The switch is 100mbit-FD and there the half/full-duplex-led is not pulsing. mii-diag says, the card is on auto-negotiation and the switch advertised 100baseTx-FD 100baseTx 19BaseT-FD and 10baseT. When I set manually the card to option 14 of the tulip-driver (MII-100baseTx-FD) the link is not established and nothing happens (the mii-diag says: link was firstly broken, but now reestablished). Yes, Ive changed the PCIC_OPTS to "pci_int=1 pci_csc=1" ;)

The laptop is an ibm-thinkpad 4187 with the O2Micro OZ6812 (rev 5) Cardbus-Controller. With windows the full-duplex is automatically set, nothing pulses and everything is going fine there (but its not my preferred OS).

Or is there somewhere a tool, where I can turn off the autonegotiation by default and force it to 100BaseTx-Fd (I did not found anything to setup at dlinks webpage, just diagnostic tools) ?

If anyone needs more debug-info or has THE idea, please write.

regards christian

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1. None It isn't clear to me if you have a problem by David Hinds, 2000, Apr 28

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