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Ok Success with NetGear FA510C 

Forum: PCMCIA Network Adapter Issues
Date: 2000, Apr 30
From: Chris Love ChrisLove

This card wasn't expressly on the supported cards list, but is working fine on a Dell Inspiron 3800, Redhat Linux 6.2.

As cited on the "Unsupported PCMCIA Card list" (, the following entry in /etc/pcmcia/config was required:

	card "NetGear FA510C Fast Ethernet CardBus Card"
	manfid: 0x9513, 0x0081
	bind: tulip_cb

Older releases may need to compile the latest tulip driver; Netgear includes rev 0.91 of the tulip.c on the driver disk.

Kudos to all who have worked on this stuff! My early impressions are that linux on laptops is pretty slick.


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