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Question 2 PCMCIA cards in one laptop. Help please... 

Forum: PCMCIA Network Adapter Issues
Date: 2000, Apr 30
From: J Toy gee308

Hi, I have 2 Linksys Etherfast PCMCIA cards. Im trying to use my Laptop as an IPMASQ server. My Linux distribution is redhat 6.2. My laptop is an HP Omnibook 4000 CT with a 486 50 mhz with 16 mb of RAM and a 503 MB HD. I can't get both PCMCIA cards to work at the same time. If I pull one out, the other works and I can switch them so the other works. ifconfig reports that both cards have different IRQs.When I do ifconfig while both cards are in, it shows that they are both running. My test to see if they are both working is: while both cards are in laptop, ping local IPs with one card attached to a LAN cable. Then switch LAN cable to other card. The IPs I gave the PCMCIA cards were both 192.168.0.x/24. I'm sure that it is possible to do this, but I'm not sure how. My current IPMASQ server has 2 Linksys etherfast NICs. I didn't need to do a special config, but things are probably different with PCMCIA. Also, how can I set an ethernet card's hardware address so that it boots with the same set hardware address everytime? I know how to set the harware address for the card, but after rebooting, it goes back to its default address( this is normal, but I need to know how and where to put the script to make it boot with a different hardware address).If you can, please email me your information as I don't surf the web often, only check email.

Thanks for the help in advance. Jason

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